Stroj & Les d.o.o. Cerknica (Slovenia) is a production company of hardware for cold width and thickness gluing of wood, presses for assembly and installation in the production of windows, doors, housings and other frames. In addition to basic machines and devices of pneumatic or hydraulic design, we also offer all the necessary accompanying equipment of our own production (applicators of glue, oil…) or accessories from the sales range.

All hardware can be manufactured in accordance with your requirements and time-specified delivery times. Our machines are located in the production facilities of renowned manufacturers of furniture and related equipment. If you are interested in viewing our machines, please contact us, and you will receive information about the nearest company where you can see such a machine.


What we can offer you:

  • Clamps for edge gluing
  • Hydraulic presses for
    lamination of wooden stock
  • Glue spreaders
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic presses
    for assembly
  • Special machines

We offer you complete engineering and hardware for cold width and thickness wood gluing.